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    General Terms and Conditions.
    Article 1: Applicability of these conditions
    1.1 The terms and conditions shall apply to contracts of itronic, both in respect of supplies of goods and / or components thereof unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.
    1.2 Refers the other party at the conclusion of the agreement to its own terms and conditions then we reject these for then the hand, except where we expressly indicate in writing to accept these conditions.
    Article 2: Goods
    2.1 Under goods in these conditions the products supplied by itronic understood.
    Article 3: Agreement
    3.1 Tasks are first as adopted by itronic when they are confirmed in writing by us or when we carry out the task. The date of the confirmation is decisive.
    3.2 Any agreements or amendments, and (oral) agreements and / or commitment by our staff, representatives, agents or intermediaries are only binding if and insofar as such by us in writing.
    Article 4: Cancellation
    4.1 Cancellation of an order is in principle not possible.
    Article 5: Prices
    5.1 Unless stated otherwise already the task of itronic subject to price change and / or typographical errors.
    5.3 In case of increase of one or more cost factors we are entitled to the order price accordingly increase, all this with due regard to any relevant statutory provisions, except that reasonably foreseeable increases in the order confirmations must be reported. If the price increase occurs within three months after signing the agreement the other party may terminate the agreement, unless we are obliged to increase under statutory provisions.
    Article 6: Payment
    6.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing payment by means of deposit or transfer to a itronic designated bank account within 5 working days after order placement or within the period stated on the invoice. On our bank or giro account statement indicated value date is determined and is therefore taken as payment.
    Article 7: Interest and costs
    7.1 If the payment is exceeded, the other party is legally in default and itronic right from the invoice date, an interest of 1.5% per month to the other party in charge, with part of a month for an entire month.
    7.2 In the event, or late, payment or non-observance of any of the other obligations of the counterparty's counterparty's purchase price and the interest, all collecting charge, both judicial and extrajudicial, by non-payment or non- been caused, owes us. The extrajudicial costs are at least 15% of it, including the aforementioned interest by the other party owed, with a minimum of € 250.00 and is payable in all cases where we have to recover the aid of a third have ensured. The mere engagement of a third shows the size and the obligation of payment by the other party of the extrajudicial costs actually incurred.
    Article 8: Supply
    8.1 Delivery dates are approximate only and do not include a deadline, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. itronic party is not liable for failure to deliver at certain times. If delivery is not made within a reasonable period counterpart then entitled to cancel the order and what it has already paid may have to recover it.
    8.2 We are obliged to delivery wherever possible to observe. We can not be held liable for late delivery reasonably unforeseeable at the time of entering into the agreement. In such cases, such as burning, pain, strikes, transport difficulties and the like we have the right to consult with the other party is delivery period or to cancel the agreement.
    8.3 If a (COD) shipment refused or taken away, we are obliged by us to recover costs incurred by You.
    8.4. When your product is not to wish you the goods within 7 days after the invoice date in original unopened containers, properly packaged and postage prepaid with a copy invoice and valid reason in agreement to us.
    Article 9: Transport and risk
    9.1 The mode of transportation, shipping, packaging and the like is, if no further designation by the other party to itronic is provided by us as a good merchant, without any liability that we carry. Any specific wishes of the other party regarding transportation / delivery will only be performed if the other party has declared its willingness to bear additional costs.
    9.2 The transport is always, even if free delivery is agreed, the risk and expense of the other party, even then when the carrier stipulates that all damages expense and risk of the sender.
    Article 10: Guarantee
    10.1 Unless itronic itself a guarantee certificate and subject to the restrictions stated below, we guarantee the proper functioning of the goods supplied by us only insofar as these by its respective suppliers or manufacturers to us is guaranteed and is fulfilled in accordance with that given to us guarantee provisions relating to a maximum of 3 months. At these we will never lead to any other performance than the transfer of our rights against the manufacturer to the other party.
    10.2 The guarantee does not apply if:
    - The errors resulting from improper use by other party and / or engaged by third parties, normal wear or if other causes concerns over faulty materials or workmanship;
    - The other party and / or third parties engaged by him on his own initiative during the warranty changes and / or repairs to the product has performed or to be carried out;
    - The other party does not timely properly fulfill any obligation under this or any other agreement with our results.
    10.3 Our guarantee means that during the warranty period, at our sole discretion and / or review supplier / manufacturer, or our account errors than the provided whole or partially take back in original packaging, postage prepaid and properly packaged with copy invoice and description of the complaint after consultation within the warranty period the supplier or manufacturer asked to return and possibly repaired or new goods will be replaced by which all shipping costs on behalf of his party.
    We are never obliged to pay costs which the original value of the bee and / or in the agreement in default goods proven beyond. If we are to fulfill our warranty replacement, the replaced (part of) goods owned by us.
    Article 11: Applicable law
    11.1 All offers and contracts itronic and its implementation is subject to Dutch law.


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