HAIJIU Lithium-Ion Battery HJB612L-FP with Indicator

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Lithium-Ion Battery HJB612L-FP with Indicator

Lithium-ion battery HJB612L-FP with indicator, 6 Volt.

Dimensions: Width x depth x height = 107 x 56 x 85.
Cold test current 230 amperes.
Capacity 2.33 Ah (10 hours)

Only 0.313 kg weight!

The following advantages speak for JMT lithium-ion batteries:

- approx. 1/3 of the weight of the comparable lead-acid battery

- unbeatable cost/weight saving ratio

- installable in any position, since no acid contains

- contains no heavy metals

- balanced discharge/charge of all cells by balancer

- fast charging with high charge current possible (up to 90% in 6 min)

- very low self-discharge (max. charge current) 5% per month)

- even at high temperatures still good performance up to 60°C

- safe technology and long life

WARNING: For safe and gentle charging, lithium-ion batteries must be charged with chargers specially designed for this battery type - e.g. the OPTIMATE LITHIUM TM-290 (Art.No. 398-024)!