HEPCO & BECKER Lock-it tank bag attachment Yamaha MT-03 (2020-)

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Model-specific Lock-it tank ring incl. tank bag counter holder for holding various Hepco&Becker tank bags.

The innovative tank bag attachment - Fidlock patented

This solid tank ring allows the attachment of a Lock-it tank bag from Hepco&Becker.
Included in the scope of delivery is a Lock-itTank ring, as well as the counter holder, which can be individually screwed to the tank bag, depending on the shape of the tank and handlebar impact.
The tank cap can be screwed to the tank bag without any problemscontinue to open. <In general you only need this tank ring and a tank bag from H&B and you have everything you need.br/>Each model-specific tank ring is available at theMotorcycle model deposited. If there is no tank ring deposited,
you can also find out manually via the checklist here in the shop whether a tank ring is available for the desired modelis.


- Absolutely secure hold, even at high speeds
- Mechanical/magnetic locking system
- Easy operation
- Tank bag is simply inserted and lockedthanks to the magnets, automatically by an audible click
- Simple but effective mechanism
- Fidlock patented
- Shielded magnetic field, safe for credit cards and electronicDevices

Unlocking: The mechanism is unlocked by a lashing strap at the front of the tank bag in the direction of travel the tank bag is simply removed
Recommended maximum speed atmounted tank bag: 130 km/h (Please note the motorcycle manufacturer's specifications, as well as the model-specific information on the manual or here at the product
Recommended load in thetank bag: approx. 3kg