HEPCO & BECKER Lock-it tank ring Lock-it incl. tank bag counter holder, V-current 1050 / XT, 20-

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Lock-it tank ring Lock-it incl. tank bag counter holder, SUZUKI V-Strom 1050 / XT, 20-

The innovative tankbag fastening

This solid tank ring enables the fastening of a Lock-it tankbag from HEPCO &amp BECKER.
Included in the scope of delivery is a stainless steel tank ring,as well as the counter holder, which is individually screwed to the tank bag.
The tank cap can be opened without any problems when the tank ring is mounted.
In general you only need thisTank ring and a tank bag from H&ampB and they have everything you need.
Each model-specific tank ring is stored with the respective motorcycle model. If no tank ring is deposited
You can also find out manually via the checklist whether a tank ring is available for the desired model.

- Secure hold, mechanical/magnetic lock
-Simple operation
- Magnetic centering
- Discreet appearance
- Simple but effective mechanics
- Suitable for over 200 models for mounting on the tank filler neck
- Fidlockpatented
- Shielded magnetic field, safe for credit cards and electronic devices