KOSO Rev counter TNT-01 R black

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Rev counter TNT-01 R, D75, black housing, black ring D 86x55mm, shift light, white background, black blade, black surface, incl. holder set

KOSO D75 tachometer with shift flash, black dial, black surface and black aperture 15000 rpm

Manufactured with the best components and the strongeststepper motor on the market, this TNT tachometer is the perfect accessory for all motorcycles. Its large dial and illumination make it very easy to read.

TachometerDisplay range: 0 - 15000 rpm
Response time: &lt0.5 seconds
Rpm Settings: 0.5
Input signal number: 1-6
Rpm Pulse input: HI (CDI), Lo (contacts)
Brightness of theBackground lighting: 5 different levels available, Each individual level is 20%br/>Switching flash: Setting range: 0 - 10000 rpm, Setting unit: 500 rpm
Warning: light onSwitching flash
effective voltage: DC 9 - 12 V

delivery scope: 1 piece

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