LSL Superbike kit 748/916/996/998 94

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Superbike kit 748/916/996/998 94

Superbike-Kit for 22,2mm standard handlebars

The LSL-Superbike conversion kits are designed to be used on the standard motorcycle with a reasonable amount of time and normal workshop equipment.can be mounted. Depending on the model, the kits are delivered with a complete triple clamp or a one- or two-piece adapter and all necessary cables or trains. The partsare silver or black anodized depending on the color of the original bridge.

Due to the manufacturer-specific different mounting of the handlebar ends, they usually can not beplease check their usability and order the desired handlebar ends with them.

The matching handlebars are not included in the kit, but will be delivered with the kit because of the possibleMaterial and colour selection ordered separately.

For some older models it may be necessary to shorten the windscreen. We offer suitably shortened fairing windows inoriginal shape or with spoiler. You can choose between a smoke grey or black disc. For further information please contact our sales departmenton.

For this product the following article is additionally required:
Superbike handlebars (recommended) Alu steel

The following products are compatible with this article: Handlebar weights 14mm for aluminium handlebars and18mm for steel handlebars / Drilling template

Important note for registration with the TÃœV:
You absolutely need the Superbikekit part certificate supplied. In the handlebar-ABE are only modelslisted, which already have an original tubular handlebar. The handlebar-ABE is not necessary for the registration of the Superbike-Kit.

Cover and fairing disc must be shortenedwill be!