motogadget Signal cable box for speedometer, Msp Breakout Box J1850, H-D XL MOLEX models

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Breakout Box msp J1850 for H-D Sportster XL MOLEX models equipped with the digital bus.

The Breakout Box J1850 for Harley Davidson makes the motoscope pro especially compatible with the Sportster (XL) models equipped with the digital bus (SAE J1850).

Select your model and you will receive the bus adapter and the correct connector for your vehicle. This plug only has to be connected to the screw terminals of the Breakout Box. The connecting cables of the motoscope pro are also connected to the breakout box. Then plug the connector into the original wiring harness and the motoscope Pro will work. It couldn't be easier. This Breakout Box J1850 is suitable for all H-D Sportster from 2004 and connectors from MOLEX.

This Breakout Box J1850 is not suitable for models with the new bus 'H-D LAN'!
You can also not connect our other instruments here. Use the mo.CAN J1850.

Length/ Width/ Height without connector: 42 mm/ 42 mm/ 26.5 mm
Weight with connector and cable: approx. 80 g
plug: depending on the model, see photos
fixing with two threaded bolts M3

- speed
- rpm
- indicator light MIL (Check Engine Warning)
- indicator light indicator
- indicator light high beam
- indicator light oil pressure
- indicator light fuel reserve (if available)
- indicator light alarm ON

not available:
- Control lamp ABS (if fitted)
- Control lamp 6.Gang (if available)
- Charging indicator light (if available)
- Fuel gauge (if available)

Scope of supply:
Breakout box J1850 with 32 terminals
one connector (model-specific)
2 x M3 fixing screws
32 ferrules
plastic plate for cable fixing and strain relieftwo cable ties.