KOSO heated grips Titan-X for Harley Davidson with electronic throttle grip, black

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KOSO heated grips Titan-X with integrated switch for Harley Davidson with electronic throttle grip, L=125mm, 1 inch, in black or chrome

Titan-X heated grips for Harley-Davidson® with electronic throttle grip

Our Titan-X heated grips have an integrated thumb switch that lets you switch between the 5 temperature ranges of the heated gripsto choose. This allows you to adjust the temperature of the heating grips without removing your hands from the handlebars. This allows the rider to get more comfortable on the road

The 5-colour LED switch also makes it possible to quickly read the current heating intensity. TheTitan-X heated grips also have an automatic shut-off feature, which means that the grips automatically shut off when the battery voltage drops to a critical level. As a resultthe battery is not further loaded and its performance is not affected.

The times when the motorcyclist has to look for the external temperature switch on the handlebars are thereforecounted. Turn the ignition on and adjust the heating handles with your thumb. Made of high quality aluminium and soft rubber, the grips are either in chrome orAvailable in black. But no matter what color you choose, with these grips you're sure to find your Harley even hotter.

Fits 1 inch (25,4mm) handlebar / length 125mm

Onlysuitable for Harley Davidson models with electronic throttle grip

Scope of delivery: 1 pair