MRA X-Creen-Touring XCTM, R 1200 GS -2012, smoke grey

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X-Creen-Touring XCTM, R 1200 GS -2012, with ABE.

In several colors available.

MRA X-Creen-Touring XCTM with ABE.
Fits for BMW R 1200 GS up to 2012.

MRA - Innovations and quality made in Germany.

The X-creen screen consists of a base screen and the adjustable X-creen spoiler, which can be individually adjusted to the needs of the driver.

Scope of supply: 1 piece, consisting of base plate, spoiler and 2 joint versions, which can optionally be mounted.

Single joint S: recommended if the plate height is suitable for the customer and he only wants to adjust the spoiler angle. Double joint D: Customers for whom the S variant is too high or too low can use the D variant to adjust the height of the spoiler by 110 mm and also adjust the spoiler angle, regardless of the height, as well as the distance to the base plate. This allows X-Creen to be optimally adjusted to the individual needs of the driver.